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Web Design Process

Stages Of Website Development


We speak with you and learn your objectives for the web project. This can be with a conference call so everyone involved can take part. We get an idea about your type of business and your marketing efforts. We ask you to send us some web site addresses of web sites you like. We do NOT copy the designs from these sites but we use this to get a "feel" for the type of web site you are looking for; whether it be corporate looking or fun or somewhere in between.


We start the design by creating a graphic file of the web site. No text is used here. It is simply the web site graphics shell (the overall look of the web site). This is the part of web design that takes the longest and is the bulk of the project. This is the reason we require a deposit of the estimate before designing begins.


We show you what we have created and ask you to comment on the design. At this point we either move to the next step of transferring the design into a HTML web site or we redesign as required by the client. Sometimes we do this step more then once as needed.


Once the graphic web site shell has been transferred into a HTML web site the content is added to each web site area and web page. Forms are created for contact/ordering and in e-commerce web sites other programming is completed.


Internet Marketing: We discuss in more specific detail with the client the marketing aspects of their web site. We then create Meta Tags and encode the web site accordingly - making it search engine friendly.
The whole process ensures that you receive the site you envision and that We meets and exceeds your expectations.
Helping customers get results is important to Masetty!