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Website Design FAQ

How Long Will It Take To Design My Website?

This will vary depending on the requirements of the web site design and the number of projects Masettyis currently undertaking. As an average, our turn around time is 3-8 weeks. It may be done within 1 week or it may take 3 months. It all depends on your needs and our workload. What we can tell you is that we will discuss and give you a time frame for completion on the start of the project. 80% of the time it takes about 4-6 weeks to design because you may have to send us content and our communications back and forth will take time. In actual design time the average non e-commerce or database web site with 8-10 pages takes approximately 26-50 hours of design time.

I have a website created by another designer. Can Masetty take over the upkeep/maintenance on the website for us?

The answer is "maybe". We need to discuss what technologies were used, if database work is involved etc. In general, a standard HTML website is something we can help you with but learning someone else's code for databases may prove more difficult. Contact us and we will assess the situation.

How Much Will My Website Design Cost?

That is a tough question. Sort of like asking "How much does a car cost?". The price will vary depending on your needs and site requirements. The number of web site areas, database, e-commerce applications, forms, flash etc . Every business is unique and so are the needs for the design. We will provide you with a detailed quote after we speak with you and learn your requirements for the design and what you want the site to accomplish. See How We Price A Project for a good idea about cost estimation.

What About Copyright And Ownership? Who Will Own The Website After It Is Designed?

Masetty usually places a copyright for the design and a copyright for the web site content at the bottom of every page of your web site. The web site design copyright is "Masetty" and the content copyright is "Your Business Name". If you prefer not to have things this way then it is not a problem. We can place "Design By Masetty" linked to our web site or we can place this information within the header code (not viewable by site visitors unless they "VIEW PAGE SOURCE". ) If you want full copyright to the completed site we have no problem in doing so. All that we ask is that we be able to link your web site FROM our portfolio web site to show that we designed the site and show it off as our work.

I have decided to use Masetty design services? What do I do now?

We will require 50% of the design estimate cost for the project up front with the balance due at project completion.
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Unique Custom Website Design Services:

We create a website that is unique to your business from the ground up. We speak with you and gather as much information as possible and then we develop a website design. This gives you a 100% unique website on the Internet. Masetty has developed over 150 custom designed websites and because of our experience with website development we offer many project packages.