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ERP (Enterprise Resourse Planning)

"We believe, that business at all levels whatever their nature should be able to enjoy the power of technology. In fact, the greater common goods demands that IT be made affordable first. Only then will the sea change that we are anticipating in the way we do business and in the quality of our lives become reality." -M.S.Rao
Affordable ERP
The World’s been waiting for
Our ERP product Masetty is the answer to every medium & large enterprise’s wish to benefit from the power of IT. It offers a value-for-money solution that is ideally suited for your business needs. It incorporates all the best features of world class products and you have the option of choosing only the modules that you need. Further, we will customize it till it meets your requirements thoroughly and we will also offer you unlimited implementation support till you are completely satisfied. All this at no extra cost either.


Plug & play ERP
Quickstart is a solution that has been specially designed for businesses for whom a full fledged ERP may be too voluminous or expensive. It’s the ideal starting block for companies who are still deciding their ERP strategy. It incorporates basic features that will help you derive the full benefits of ERP without incurring unnecessary costs and what’s more you have the option of upgrading any time. It is also fully scalable which means you can add users, or change to another database engine, or add modules effortlessly. Additionally, if there is any feature of a world class ERP package that you want to use we can add it on for you.

Our ERP includes following modules:-

  • Accounts Management
  • Finance Module
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Purchase Management System
  • Sales Module
  • Inventory Module
  • Materials Management
  • Production Planning
  • Warehousing Management
  • HRMS (Human resources management system)
  • EIS (Executive information system)
  • System Administration