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Masetty Technologies is a company set up by a team of seasoned IT professionals who bring with them many years of expertise in providing top notch IT solutions for a variety of business enterprises.
You will find, therefore, that the products we develop are designed better to suit your requirements. Because they have been conceived and created out of intensive experience in your particular business. In fact , this particular oriented approach assure you of options that are tailor made for your needs.
"We believe, that business at all levels whatever their nature should be able to enjoy the power of technology. In fact, the greater common goods demands that IT be made affordable first. Only then will the sea change that we are anticipating in the way we do business and in the quality of our lives become reality."
With Masetty, you enjoy built-in support rather than merely extended features. You will have to access not only to our software implementers but also to our experts in specialized management functions. This will help to make sure that every solution from Masetty fits thoroughly into your business processes so that you derive maximum value from it. And there are absolutely no hidden costs or uncertainties when it comes to the cost of ownership of your solutions.

The future is now

At Masetty we believe in harnessing the technology of tomorrow for your day-to-day applications. Like the futuristic “apps-on-tap” net based business process re-engineering package - Net page Data Entry. Which gives you the never before advantage of accessing your information from virtually anywhere in the world. In other words, it sets you free from the hassles of installing, implementing and maintaining systems.

At Masetty we are driven by two passions:

  • To give you greater value for money by making technology as cost-effective as possible, without compromising on its quality.
  • To create cutting edge technology products that meet business needs perfectly


We believe in People. We are committed to their cause-through our actions (programs, policies, plans) and beliefs (values and principles).


We have evolved into a company with a strong foundation, and with the faith and confidence that can move mountains.
We have realized incredible targets, provided outstanding solutions, accomplished ever-improving process and technology maturity, and till day continue to be motivated towards our quest for perfection.


The inspiration and direction that our leaders provide is the driving force.
Our management bandwidth brings with it the experience, expertise and enthusiasm that motivate us to work towards the collective vision and goals set for the organization and ourselves.

Technology Cell

The Technology Cell (Tech Cell) is our technology window to the future. It focuses on the Research and Development of emerging technologies. The Tech Cell aims to:
  • Prepare roadmaps that help define the technology evolution for Masetty
  • Prepare a knowledge base for software development in the immediate future
  • Assist ongoing application development efforts with technical analysis and augmented solutions
The focus of the Tech Cell has been varied. For instance, some of the core areas of interest are ERP, E-Commerce, MLM, and the Application Products etc.
We offer our customers the strength of robust business solutions, using proven and emerging technologies with consistent quality delivery.