Masetty Technologies. provides a broad array of Information Technology Services for companies competing in " The New Global Reality ".
Masetty provides a one-stop resource center, enabling our clients to focus on their core competencies and use technology as an enabler for lowering operating costs, allowing faster growth, and ensuring higher profitability.
Masetty provides managed technology integration, custom development, and data center outsourcing not merely as individual services but to provide an integrated, on-going, and evolutionary growth plan for your business' new and evolving technology needs.
A software solutions and services provider, with clients from worldwide, and systems and processes that ensure quality. We help our clients eliminate boundaries, collaborate in new ways, establish their trust and continuously seek improvement. We have it in us to be your strategic IT partner.
Some of the areas where Masetty Technologies can provide its expertise Masetty brings its expertise in XML and Web services to provide innovative services for organizations to leverage and not replace the existing IT investments and to become more responsive to the changing business requirements.
Integrating the existing different application architectures and extend them to the web. For eg: Application one: Corporate Employee portal. Application two: Online Transactional application used by clients and employees.
Integrating the Employee portals to third party applications on real time.for eg: An employee portal that seamlessly connects third party services such as payroll outsourcers, health insurance providers and travel agents to exchange relevant data on real-time.
Cut costs, Increase the flexibility and productivity of EAI with substantial cost cuts as compared to traditional EAI Implementations.Enterprises can achieve increased flexibility because Web services will likely change the fundamental cost structure of enterprise application integration (EAI).
Integrating the B2B portals easily and effectively with the legacy systems, partners and customers in a scalable way.